During 2013, the Tandem Foundation has assigned  75  language course scholarships for French, German, Italian and Spanish. One scholarship per person , mininum age 17 years, without fourther criteria. 

They consist of two week intensive courses without accommodation and without travel expenses, at Tandem® schools. 

Please read the conditions (no native English) carefully before applying for a scholarship:

Content of the scholarships:

  • 2 weeks of intensive course, altogether at least 40 classes of 45 min, in group with native teacher

  • with tandem® exchange (except for beginners) according to the conditions of every school

  • travel and accommodation have to be paid by yourself, the school can look for accommodation, or yourself on internet

  • Information about every school and town on: www.tandem-schools.com or their own webs

Additional costs:

  • 45 € to Tandem Fundazioa for processing and registered mailing of the school voucher to you

  • some schools bill registration and/or textbook and/or accommodation search fees (the saving compared to the course without scholarship is of aprox. 300 €)

  • see updated table on: www.tandemcity.info/tandem/en44_scholarships-table.htm


Dates and levels:

  • 2014, many schools exclude July and/or August, see table above

  • all the levels


Why do they give languages courses for free? Is there a 'snag'?

The TANDEM Foundation gets the courses from the TANDEM schools as part of their payment of license for the use of the TANDEM® trade mark. They are spread as publicity for the tandem method (see: www.tandemcity.info/formacion/en30_tandem-need,questions.htm)


What shall I do now?

1. choose the place so that TF sends the voucher to me. This election is definitive, if I change it, I must pay again 45.-, except causes of proven 'force majeure'. It is necessary to consult with the school if there is a place of my level, before I decide.

2. send an e-mail to: network@tandem-f.org with my name, my complete post address and phone number, the elected school and a second one as substute, and the proof  that I have transferred

45.-€ (expenses to my charge) to TANDEM Fundazioa, 
IBAN: ES86 1491 0001 2110 0879 6326, BIC/SWIFT: TRIOESMMXXX, 
at Triodos Bank, 28230 Las Rozas, Madrid

3. I receive the personal voucher by registered mail. So, the work of TF has finished.

4. choose the date(s) I wish with the school. The voucher does not give absolute right to an freely eligible date; the school will make an effort for corresponding to my preferences, but due to the course planning and to avoid coincidence of several scholarships,  changes can take place. We recommend to indicate several possible dates. Information in the table: www.tandemcity.info/tandem/en44_scholarships-table.htm .

5.I keep a copy of the voucher and send the original / a pdf with the desired date(s) and a short self-assessment of my knowledge of the language to learn, to the reviewed school.

6. I will receive from the school an assertion for the voucher and a proposal of date, with additional information about my registration, about the offer of courses, expenses of accommodation, etc.

Applyments to be send to:  

network@tandem-f.org, tel. from 9 to 12 h + fax: (0034) 943322062