Becoming a member, obtaining a licence


You are interested in

  • the membership in "Tandem Foundation", created for universities and similar learning institutions which don't offer language courses open to the general public, but which would like to implement within the institution itself, or in exchange programs, the Tandem system,

  • or a 'licence of use of Tandem material', offer for any institution or school with a justified interest in the application of tandem method in linguistic and cultural exchanges,

  • or you, as a language school for foreigners, wish to become member of the association 'Tandem International' which includes a 'licence of use of Tandem material'.

Both membership status or licences offer the following advantages:

1. Suggestions for "Tandem Partners" who practice the languages of Albanian, Arabic, Basque, Bulgarian, Czech, Danish, English, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Letonian, Polish, Portuguese, Serbocroat, Slovenian, Spanish and Turkish (photocopied material and/or diskettes).

2. Suggestions for text comprehension by professional Tandem-partners in Basque, Czech, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Slovenian and Spanish, (photocopied material and/or diskettes).

3. Free reception of all recent publications of Foundation, e.g. books and CDs about multilingual 'Babylonia-Tandem' and cross-border 'Mugaz Gain' and the trial version of the 'Tandem intermediators manual - self access version'

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4. Free use of a tandem couple matching program (based on Filemaker Pro® )

5. Participation in Foundation training seminars for two thirds of the regular price and the option of jointly organising said courses.

6. Participation of all employees (including those who have been contracted on an hourly basis) in the language courses of the approximately 25 'TANDEM International' schools throughout the world, with discount, now of a 20%.

7. Collaboration with university students and doctoral candidates who are working with the subject of Tandem as well as providing them with access to professional training positions.

8. Worldwide teacher exchange platform.

9. Professional orientation by means of the research register and access to our material (library and long distance photocopying service).

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10. The possibility of organising the "Tandem International Conference" at one's own school.

11. Free subscription to the "TANDEM-Neuigkeiten" bulletin, which is published three times a year in PDF-Format.

12. Rapid information about our research, as well as other, projects; consultancy and service for making contacts.

13. The right to use the TANDEM® trademark and to declare one's status as "Member/Licence-holder of the Tandem Foundation" and to show the logo

14. Inclusion in our website and prospectuses distribution to language teachers and learners.

Apart from these specific services, the association offers connection to a network of scientists and practitioners, for the moment in thirteen countries, who have an extensive range of experience in the area of cultural and language exchange.



Rights and duties are described in a more exact way in the by-laws, the fees here.

The financial and organizational independence of your institution will not be restricted by membership or licence.

Have you got any more questions? You can find all the answers in the FAQ!           In case you cannot find the answer for your question there, contact us at network@tandem-f.org

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