Teacher training

Forum for tandem intermediators

There are as well several facilities on
www.palabea.net and
which are suitable for tandem partnerships.

Instructions on the use of Chat Rooms
(from VII Tandem Congress)

Log onto ‘Netscape‘ or ‘Internet Explorer‘ or another browser.

Write at the top „http://tandem-congress.mainchat.de"

Go to ‘neu anmelden’ (=first register)

Fill in the following:

Name: a name

Nick: a nickname (which will be seen by the other participants) or your own name

Password: some invented word (only one !)

Password: the same word again

E-Mail1: yours

E-Mail2: this will be seen by the other participants and may be left blank

Homepage: only, if you have one and wish it to be seen.

Click on ‘fertig’ (=ready), click on „weiter zum Chat" (=go)


Now, choose a room. Usually the chat setting is on "Lobby", but depending on which speaker you wish to communicate with, you will have to click to the right of 'Lobby' and change rooms, to go to one of the following:

* Multiling

* NewTechnologies

* TandemWorkshop

Then „login".

Write your comments in the blank space and click on „go". When you have finished, please write <, in order to show the speakers and the others that they may answer.

Make a note of your name and password. From now onwards, you may go directly to ‚Login‘.

In case of difficulties, you also may click on 'login' without registering. In this case, you will appear as 'Gast'(=guest) with a number. But sometimes, the access for guests is restricted by the chatmachine.


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