Teacher training

Intercultural tandem,
the tandem for languages in low demand.

We are publishing this collection of experiences and materials with the goal that similar meetings may take place in any city where a group is ready to organize them. We are prepared to establish the contacts so that potential hosts can observe group meetings.

The Spanish and German texts are not always identical but to a great extent similar. You do not need to understand both languages in order to be able to use the material, but there is only a small part in  English.

Intercultural tandem

Documentación + material

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ISBN: 84-86718-15-5



in English / (in German) / in Spanish


0. Introducción / (Introduction)


0.1. Como usar esta documentación / (How to use this document)

0.2. Intercultural tandem - intercambio de idioma por informaciones interculturales

0.3. El Grupo Interkultur-Tandem

0.4. (Barbara von Breitenbach, as summarised by Petra Zimmermann: "We are the UN of Wiesbaden.")


1. Teoría, concepción y desarrollo / (The theory, the conception, the process)

1.1. Los grupos / (The groups)

1.1.1. Barbara von Breitenbach, resumido por Petra Zimmermann: TANDEM Deutsch-International: "Somos la ONU de Wiesbaden"

1.1.2. Oskar Sanz Miguel+Petra Zimmermann: Acción Comunitaria con Inmigrantes, ponencia en el congreso ' Acción socioeducativa y pluralismo cultural '

1.1.3. Celia Palacio: Documentación de las sesiones en Donostia de enero a mayo de 1996

1.1.4. Juergen Wolff+Petra Zimmermann: (Intercultural tandem)

1.2. Formación de monitores/as / (Monitor training)

1.2.1. Convocatoria de un cursillo de introducción

1.2.2. Programa de un cursillo de introducción

1.2.3. Actas del cursillo de introducción septiembre 1994 en Madrid

1.2.4. Petra Zimmermann: (Description of an introductory seminar)

1.2.5. Extracts of the minutes from the introductory course in 1994 in Madrid.


1.3. Contexto y trasfondo / (Context and background)

1.3.1. Juergen Wolff: Tandem Intercultural  - ¿Paños calientes y nada más?

1.3.2. Centro Cultural Pablo Neruda + José Maria Ballestín: Sobre los trasfondos del racismo

1.3.3. (Juergen Wolff: Intercultural tandem - sounds good but what does it mean ?)

1.3.4. (Klaus Liebe-Harkort: Languages without Exchange Value: The myth of multilingual Europe. Tandem as an unused opportunity in the migration society. Paper on the IV. International Tandem Conference in Donostia.)

2. Material / (Appendix of material)

2.1. Publicidad para los encuentros en castellano, euskara, francés y árabe / Publicity for the meetings in Spanish, Basque, French and Arabic.

2.2. Nota para radio y prensa / A short note in Spanish for radio and press

2.3. Ejercicios para los encuentros, coleccionados y resumidos por Petra Zimmermann

2.4. (Reference to exercises for the meetings, arranged and described by Petra Zimmermann)

2.5. Certificados de participacion varios / Different participation certificates

2.6. Recomendaciones bibliográficas / (Recommended bibliography)



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German version of the exercises for the meetings, 
mentioned in point 2.4.


* Working material (the exercises mentioned in 2.4) used by Intercultural Tandem, plus numerous articles on interculturality, such as:

* Interculture tandem (see above, 1.1.4)

* Description of an introductory seminar on the intercultural tandem (see above, 1.2.4)

* Tandem - the bicycle among the learning methods. Tandem for special/professional purposes, tandem for working people exchanging knowledge of their professions for their mutual benefit, knowledge exchanges and exchange networks.

presented during  the seminar ' Work and Life - Intercultural ' in Vienna. Details below:

Hg. Hans Barkowski, Maria Hirtenlehner,
Kulturen in Bewegung (Cultures in motion)
144 pages, Vienna 1998

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