Teacher training

Introductory course

We organize regular courses so that you can become acquainted with Tandem as a method and an organization.

Here a programme example:

Thursday (or Friday)

* 15.00 Introduction of participants. Game: ' Speaking Names '

* Introduction, theory, similar approaches (lifelong learning)

* History of Tandem

* 17.00 Video of the tandem pair and the tandem course

* 18,00 Creating the tandem pair, theory and preparations

* 19.30 End


Friday (or Saturday)

* 9,00 Further work on the development of the tandem pair with practical exercises

* Overview of the material for working in pairs 

* 11,30 Effectiveness and quality of tandem

* 12,00 Further developments in tandem: Tandem for professional/special purposes, E-Mail tandem

* 13,00 Video of the tandem course

* 13.30 Lunch

* 15,00 Tandem course: Overview, role of teacher etc..

* Case study

* Material fair

* 17,00 Intercultural tandem

* 18,00 Taking tandem into the 'normal’ classroom

* Babylonia tandem (receptive multi-lingualism), short video

* 19.00 End


Saturday (or Sunday)

* 9,00 Information on the Tandem®Net: publicity, marketing, financing (optional)

* 11,00 Tandem Foundation, their offers and projects, e.g., cross-border work, tandem pair diary, pupil exchange, copying service, Tandem News

* Specific questions / a look at the material

* Evaluation

* 13.30 End


Next tandem introductory courses and updates

To help with planning ahead, please find below the course dates for  2015:




usually November Germany German
at your convenience

telelearning from home

English, German, Spanish

Normally the separate second half serves as a refresher course for people with experience. It is possible to book both days or the second half only.

A mailing-list is maintained to send out invitations automatically.

There are also tutored self-access courses and modules for advanced practioners available.


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