Teacher training


Target Group: 
Students who have passed the Intermediate Examination or who are preparing for the Diploma in the following areas: German as a Foreign Language, Spanish, research in teaching language, translation, or Web design.

Donostia/San Sebastián, the Basque Country (Spain)

TANDEM® Foundation, teacher training body of the TANDEM® Network

Library containing information on tandem methodology and material, material design for teaching and teacher training, with special emphasis on the didactics of multilingualism and the creation of tandem partnerships.

Internships here are particularly appropriate for translators or those people who are preparing for the Diploma or doing a university degree course, and who are interested in tandem methodology. The interships, for which the participant is not paid, are not suitable for trainee teachers of German as a Foreign Language.

Basic Language Requirements: 
German is a prerequisite, Spanish is desirable, and all other languages are an advantage.

Minimum 6 weeks, from January until the end of June, or mid-September until mid-December. (Internships are not available between July and August.)


Application Period: 

3 months before the start of the course.

For further information and applications, contact:

TANDEM Fundazioa
Pk/Apdo 864
E-20080 Donostia/San Sebastián

Tel: 00 34-943 322 062, daily 10.00-13.00 hrs
Fax: 00 34-943 322 062
E-mail: see above


The following Tandem Organisations offer traineeships in German as a Foreign Language:

Alpha&Beta, I-Bolzano, Teacher Training Department
Tandem, E-Madrid, German Department

Similarly, some Tandem Schools in Germany, and  look also at the Tandem Community.

Tandem material catalogue