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Around 75% of the material published by about TANDEM is in our library. Add to this, the ‘grey material’ - material that has not been published officially. In the past, you always had to come to San Sebastián to access these resources, nowadays, with the copying service, it has become much easier.

You request the order list by E-Mail, indicate what you need, work out the price, enclose the payment (see different ways of payment) and send them off by post. You will then receive the corresponding copies by registered mail.


Basic charge per order: 5 € (! registration fee to cover the cost of the registered mail),

+ 0.13€ fee per copy sent by registered mail (which takes approx five days in Europe)

Payment Methods:

In order to keep prices low, we try to minimise administration costs, therefore, we do not accept cheques.  Please attach German, French, or Spanish stamps, or an international reply coupon (available at the Post Office but more expensive than the corresponding stamps) to the completed Order List. Please do not send us bank notes.

The following rates apply: 1 reply coupon = 1 €

If you prefer, you can transfer the amount to the account of  'Tandem Fundazioa', 
nr. 3035.0060. in Caja Laboral, Avenida Libertad 10, E-20004 Donostia/San Sebastián, 
IBAN ES12 3035 0060 4606 0070 6540, BIC/SWIFT CLPEES2M



1) Send us an E-mail requesting us to send you an Order List of the material available here. (We do not make pirate copies of entire books. Please see our bibliography for a list of the publications produced by publishing houses and purchase through the normal channels.)

2) Send us the ticked order list by post, plus the completed order form (see below), and the stamps/reply coupons or copy of the transference receipt. Your order should take 3-4 weeks to reach you.


Order Form - to be attached to the completed order list:

Enclosed: 5€ basic charges plus..... € for..... copies in stamp/reply coupons.

Please send us your omplete delivery address and E-Mail for further inquiries:


Tandem material catalogue