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This aid is designed for four groups of people:

1) Monitors and organizers of exchanges and multicultural meetings who wish to bear in mind the linguistic aspect but feel they can't cope with three or more languages at one time;

2) Language teachers who want to demonstrate to their students that the language they teach can be a jumping-off point for faster comprehension of other languages, and who want to use the 'annoying interferences' of another language in a positive way for teaching their own;

3) Investigators and scientists who wish to test a hypothesis of their own against practical experiences;

4) Any other person who is interested in linguistic politics in general, who observes with a growing feeling of unease how the powerful entities of this planet, under the name 'globalization', understand each other effortlessly using the dominant but not majority language, English.

With the help of this material you can build a training programme which provides:
motivation for understanding several languages; cultural interchange with the speakers of these languages; use of non-verbal communication; creation of optimism and self-confidence; understanding in several phases and sectors; active command of some languages by tandem - learning by exchange.

Chapter 0, 1, 2, 3 are written in English, German, Italian and Spanish, chapter 4, 7 in one or two languages with easy comprehensible symbols, 5 in German or Spanish with English resumes.

See table of contents.

Publishers: Alpha&Beta und Tandem Ediciones 

Combination book + CD (for chapter 4=material which will be updated periodically, and 5+6+7, on book and on CD)

2nd revised edition: total 270 pages, from which 90 on CD - Price: € 20



Jürgen Wolff 


Claudia Biemelt, I-Bolzano/Bozen

Helmut Brammerts, D-Bochum

Helen Burke Ledbury, UK-Sheffield

Manuela Estevez Coto, E-Madrid

Janez Gorenc, SLO-Novo Mesto

Jana Gregorová, SK-Banská Bystrica

Kurt Grötsch, E-Sevilla

Bengt Jonsson, SV-Sundsvall

Horst G.Klein, D-Frankfurt/Main

Dietmar Larcher, A-Klagenfurt

Begońa Llovet, E-Madrid

Susanne Lonscher-Räcke, D-Bremen

Roberto Mazzini, I-Reggio Emilia

Barbara Mort, UK-Sheffield

Helga Rabenstein, A-Klagenfurt

Dietmar Rösler, D-Giessen

Kristina Roth, D-Görlitz

Lidia Santiso Saco, D-Bochum

Tilbert Stegmann, D-Frankfurt/Main

Margot Sturm, A-Salzburg

Encarna Urzainqui Alonso, E-Donostia/San Sebastián

Cristina Valdés Rodriguez, E-Oviedo

Werner Wintersteiner, A-Klagenfurt

Jürgen Wolff, E-Donostia/San Sebastián

Petra Zimmermann, D-Berlin


Cover: "Miss Polyglott"

(black/white, actually coloured; by Karolina Nasiadko, PL-Warszawa)


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