Teacher training


alpha beta/Meran(o) and Tandem Fundazioa have established the annual 'TANDEM Award' in order to honour important developments in the methodology of exchanges. It focuses on teachers and tandem pair mediators and should not be confused with the language course scholarships awarded by the TANDEM® schools.

The topic of the year for 2009 is:

The quality of tandem pair mediation.

You will find a criteria list and a research overview in German on

www.tandemcity.info/tandem/de45_qualitaets-kriterien.htm and successives, and also in the TANDEM-Neuigkeiten nr. 20 of january of 2002.

The 30 prizes are:

1st to 10nd:  free online teacher training courses with Tandem Fundazioa, between the January 1, 2009 and September 30, 2010

11th to 30th: a book published by alpha beta or Tandem Fundazioa

More information about the prizes:

alpha beta: www.alphabeta.it , Tandem Fundazioa: www.tandemcity.info

Conditions of participation:

write a comment about the criteria list and the research overview of at least 3 pages (aprox. 40 lines of 10 words each) in Rich Text Format or Word in English, French, German, Italian or Spanish, and send it to our contact address above.

Tandem Fundazioa has the right, but not the obligation to publish it in the ‘Tandem-Neuigkeiten’ and/or on the web.

The closing date for submissions is November 30, 2009.