How to look for a tandem partner

The Tandem Fundazioa offers teacher training for exchange projects and organizes its own groups (e.g. German by exchange in Zarautz), but it does not have the necessary infrastructure to enable it to organise meetings or find partners for other institutions or people.

Four ways to do it yourself:

1. Locate a Tandem organisation in the neighbourhood or city that you would like to visit and ask them to organise the tandem partnership for you.

2. Look for information on the Internet:

for other languages:  in the “Community” www.tandemcity.com  or the learning platform www.palabea.net .

3. Public institutions, pupils and students should go to the eTandem Agency.


You can order material on exchanges from the following sources:

· (French or German)

Office Franco-Allemand de Jeunesse
51 rue de l’Amiral-Mouchez
F-75013 Paris

Telefax 00 33-1-40 78 18 88

www.dfjw.org + www.ofaj.org 

· (French, Italian or German)

Jugendaustausch/Exchange de Jeunes/Scambio di Giovani/Barat da giuvenils
CH-4501 Solothurn

Telefax 00 41-32-625 26 88

· (several languages, mostly German, Italian or Spanish)

Tandem material catalogue