Teacher training

What does Tandem offer me ? 

1- Do I need any previous knowledge in order to do tandem?

2- What can I learn in a tandem partnership?

3- For which languages is tandem suitable?

4- How does it function exactly?

5- How much time do I need, and how often should we meet?

6- Where do I find a partner?

7- Does it cost anything?

8- Does it matter with whom I do a tandem, or is there anything else I should know?

9- Can I work with several partners at the same time?

10- Do I need any special books or other materials?

11- Where can we turn if we need assistance?

12- Is it OK to do a tandem only without attending a language course?

13- Can a tandem help me in my job ?

14- My partner lives very far away. Is there any tandem by telephone, for example?

15- How is it different if I do a tandem by distance?

16- Do I get certification for my work in a tandem partnership?

17- What happens, if I have to stop for any reason?