Teacher training

Tandem by Internet

If there are no exchange partners where you are, or if you wish to keep in contact after departure from a tandem partner, the internet can help. Three addresses are important:

Learning platform for selfsearch of tandem partners on the internet and in the town of residence,  with a lot of tecnical facilities. Registering for free,  it takes five minutes ( www.palabea.net ).

Tandem Agency
An agency for the free mediation of e-mail partnerships, the 'International (E-Mail) Tandem Network' was subsidised by the EU at the Language Training Research Seminar at the Ruhr University, Bochum ( www.slf.ruhr-uni-bochum.de ). It contains detailed references to all kinds of e-tandems.

Tandem Community
A meeting place on the internet for all those who are interested in Tandem and in language exchange ( www.tandemcity.com ), maintained by 'Tandem International' webmaster, Juan Ancosmez.

It was a self-financed mediation agency for e-mail partnerships, with its headquarters in the USA, now closed. Part of the team has worked previously in the 'Tandem Agency'. 

Tandem material catalogue