Teacher training

Looking for Tandem partnerships

Tandem methodology

1. Introductory courses, self access package , components for progressing modules for advanced practitioners, tutored projects.

2. Bibliography in co-operation with the IFS Marburg plus a copying service with all 'grey' materials available from Tandem Fundazioa

3. Magazine 'Tandem news', mailing list, forum

4. Internships, DiploMagisterservice for co-ordination and support in the end of study project

5. Teaching material and reports on the experience of Receptive Multi-lingualism (Babylonia-Tandem) and cross border tandem projects (Mugaz Gain).


Teacher training for all languages on other topics

1. Offers of teacher training and experience exchanges for teachers at all school levels and adult education.

2. Seminar on 'Languages by Exchange and InterNet'

3. Lectures and workshops on learning techniques and tandem,  for language learning students at all school levels, adult education and universities.

* Teacher training for German teachers in the Basque country
organised by the University of the Basque country and GERN.


Intercultural Tandem,

* the tandem for languages which are in low demand.


International Tandem Congress

1. Publications

2. VII. ITT from 12-14 September 2001 in Çeske Budejovice and on the InterNet

3. VIII. ITT 10 October 2005 in Bolzano/Bozen

4. Tandem Journey 14 November 2008 in Freiburg