Learning Basque

TANDEM® Fundazioa offers no more self-learning courses for Basque. Instead here some tips:

Self learning methods

Bakarka, 'Euskera A Distancia'; presupposes some knowledge of Spanish, possibly with cassettes

Volume 1 - 3 ed. by 'Servicio central de Publicaciones del Gobierno Vasco', Wellington kalea 2, E-01010 Gasteiz

Volume 4 ed. by Elkar SA, Igarabidea 88 two, E-20009 Donostia

For an order, you may look on the internet for bookshops which specialize in imports from Spanish speaking countries.

A database of publications in the Basque language 'Inguma' can be found on and .

In addition there are Multimedia Self-access programs, among others:

HABE, Vitoria/Gasteiz kalea, 3, E-20009 Donostia, fax 0034 943412601,

The 'Euskaltegi ' of Santurtzi near Bilbao developed a distance training course which is also in English on the web: . In addition there are 'Boga' of the Foundation 'Aurten bai' on ,  the virtual Basque city 'Hator' on , and another offer on .


Places at which Basque is taught:

(no guarantee that this list is updated!)

University of Vienna, General Linguistics, Angel Borda

University of Cologne, General Linguistics, Gunter Bretschneider

University of Hamburg, Romanistik, Professor Juergen Meisel

Society for language and languages GESUS, Daiserstr. 9, 81371 Munich, Tel. 77 26 96

Adult education (VHS), Language center of the city Nuernberg, Bernhard Lechner/Euskalerriaren Adiskideak, Handelsmuseumsplatz 1, 90403 Nuernberg, Tel. 231 54 27

Basque-German friendship associations and adult education centres in different cities, like "Gernika" in Berlin, as well as Karlsruhe, Pforzheim, Schwarzenbruck, and Wiesbaden. In the Basque Country the German-Basque friendship association  'Euskalema' has a good overview. (

Winter and summer courses at the Euskaltegis in the Basque Country, either of AEK, or municipal (Udal Euskaltegia) or private schools.

Associations of Basque speakers in many Basque cities: some offer a kind of 'Tandem language exchange' called 'Mintzalaguna' for people with basic knowledge 
( ) , also the Tandem® school in Donostia 
( ) can facilitate.

Specialized search engines on the Internet:

This page exists also in Basque.